Social Studies Chapter 3 Test Scheduled

posted Nov 17, 2009, 2:56 PM by Doug Laing
The Chapter 3 Social Studies test will be this Friday 11/20/09.  The main focus of this chapter is on the six Cultural areas of California.  They are the Southern, Central, Colorado River, Great Basin, Northeastern, and Northwestern Cultural Areas.

The six tribes that we have been focusing on in this Chapter are the Yokuts, Yurok, Northern Piaute, Chumash, Modoc, and Mohave Tribes.  You should know the characteristics of each tribe and what cultural area they are from. 

This means you should know:
-What they ate
-How they got their food
-What kind of homes they lived in
-Any specific traditions
-How they adapted to their land

You will also want to know how historians believe the first people came to California.