About Mr. Laing

    Hi, my name is Mr. Laing.  I have been teaching elementary since 2007.  I am excited to be starting my 6th year
as a full time teacher.  I subbed for three years prior to being full time.  I was born and raised in Tujunga, about three minutes from La Crescenta.  I grew up doing many of the same things that my students are doing today.  I find that this helps me relate to my students.
    I have been married to Laura since 2008.  We currently live in La Crescenta.  Laura works at Fremont Elementary as their computer teacher.  She is also a professional photographer.  Many of the pictures you will see on my websites were either taken or edited by her.
    As you can see from this photo that I love the outdoors, especially Yosemite.  I love living in California and teaching fourth grade because I get to teach all about California's rich history.  I have personally been to 14 of the 21 California Missions.  I plan to visit the rest in the near future.  I am excited to learn more information that I can teach to my students.  This is the first year I am teaching 6th grade.  I am thrilled to teach about Ancient Civilizations.  I spent part of my summer visiting ancient Mayan ruins on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. 
    I am blessed to be at La Crescenta.  The families here are very supportive and make it possible to do amazing activities and projects.  I owe much to the dedication of parents and the hard work of the students.
    Please continue to browse my site and even visit my blog to learn more about what we are doing in class.